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I ran a papermaking course at Higham Hall in 2014. The College published the photographs on their website . Alongside the hands-on work we did together, we went to Iggesund's in Workington to see logs being turned into paper pulp,    which was used to create "Incada" paperboard, a product for which Iggesund is famous worldwide.

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George Cooke, Principal at Higham Hall, had the following to say about my work for the college:

"Jonathan Korejko is, from the point of view of an adult residential education environment, a superb tutor..."

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Papermaking with People

CLICK on the link to view more images of  people on my courses,and the techniques which they use to create fantastic pieces of handmade paper.

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One of the best teacher training programmes in Britain ! I work in different cities around the UK with NIcola Lewellen       and her team, showing teachers how to deliver a papermaking programme in their educational settings.It's very hands-on, borderline messy, fast, exciting, and great fun! 

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SPECIALIST CRAFTS WORKSHOPS: Here's what some of the participating teachers said about the papermaking programme I ran in Birmingham in 2014:

  • It was a brilliant workshop with Jonathan Korejko (Papermaking) and very well organized .Very good demonstrations, correcting mistakes ext. Jonathan shared his experience and good tips with us. I enjoyed every minute of this workshop. I will implement papermaking into the classroom.
  • Jonathan was very enthusiastic and passionate about the work he does and that was passed on to us. The workshop showed you can produce some really interesting work quite quickly without too much equipment and I think this will appeal to our students.
  • The enthusiasm Jonathan had for his subject inspired me. I can't wait to share what I learnt with our students and other staff.
  • Enthusiasm for paper making, more knowledge and understanding than the little bit I have done before, excellent tuition of practical skill, super have a go set up. I intend to run sessions with after school art club for Year 5 / 6 before trying it within art lessons, suitable space & time are barriers at present.
  • I now have the confidence to try these skills out with my class

I published a two page "How to..." article in the Specialist Crafts Newsletter. It demonstrates how colourful paper laminates can be used to embed recycled embroidery threads.  My article starts on page 4.

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Craig Joubert: Marbling 4 Fun

Like me, Craig travels around the UK demonstrating his skills and  sharing knowledge. He is a brilliant artist: he can marble on anything ! When we were last at Loseley Hall, he decorated some of my papers as quick as I could make 'em !

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Irene  Donovan was a student during a weekend at Stone Creek Textiles in 2013. She wrote about her experience on the course  “Papermaking with Plants". Her photographs and descriptions illustrate the papers we created and describe the  techniques we used. Irene has a website where she writes about her endeavours in the craft world.

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