Jonathan Korejko 

papermaker, printmaker, and teacher

I travel around the UK working in  colleges, schools,museums, RHS gardens, National Trust properties, Botanic Gardens, craft fairs and trade fairs. I work with all age groups and ability levels, and have developed special tools and equipment to make it possible for everyone to produce good results. I regularly demonstrate papermaking techniques at shows and exhibitions around the country. I sell my paper, prints, material and equipment
 to a wide audience.




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I make handmade papers. I use a lot of different materials, and I have over 150 different recipes to incorporate a range of colour, texture, and content. I make pulp from recycled papers, virgin wood fibre, recycled rags, cotton linters and home grown plant fibres. The papers are decorated with flowers, herbs, grasses, seeds, cotton threads, wool, and silk. I use natural and sythetic dyes to colour my paper.  I make paper in A5 and A4 formats. Other sizes are available on commission. I also create artwork in handmade papers which are colourful, patterned, and textured with a variety of materials.





I run a variety of art programmes suitable for all ages and ability levels. I work in schools, special schools,  colleges, museums, galleries, and hospitals. My clients include public and private educational establishments, as well as  The National Trust, The Royal Horticultural Society, botanical gardens, and nature conservation organisations.
I run my courses in  many different venues around Britain , including indoor trade shows and outdoor craft fairs run  by International Craft and Hobby Fairs, Live Crafts,and Living Crafts.  If you would like to see me demonstrate papermaking techniques, have a look at my schedule click for info ! : chances are, I will be in your area sometime over the next 12-18 months. You can even have ago yourself and take some new paper home with you !





I was trained as a printmaking, specialising in woodblock printmaking. I make limited edition woodcuts using hand carved woodblocks,
printed  in black /white, and in  colour. I often use watercolours to hand paint my woodcuts.I have produced a series of woodcut greeting cards, too.
All of my prints have been exhibited widely, and have been sent to many countries around the world.

Contact Details:

Jonathan Korejko, 12 Church Lane, Timberland, Lincoln  LN4 3SB    

T: 01526 378222     E: